This is a sharing part of ComEICAM blog. Samples and examples regarding each topics will be uploaded here for student’s revision. Feel free to upload it.



  • Topic 1

Business Proposal Presentation(power point doc.) – Sample

Business Proposal by Sarah Micheal, Thomas Judes, Eric Samphoski, William Fremon(pdf. file) – Sample

Business Proposal Writing Tips(pdf. link) – Sample

RFP Request For Proposal(pdf. file) – Sample

Business Proposal Sample-Mobisoft(pdf.file) – Sample

  • Topic 2

Cover Letter and Resume(pdf. file) – Sample

  • Topic 3

Example of a Business Report(pdf. file) – Sample

Analyze and Evaluate Information(pdf. file) – Sample

The Structure Of Business Report

Table of Content

Executive summary


Body of report


Reference list

Using appendices in your report

Busines Report Writing (complete)

Business-Report-Writing(How To)

CADF Business Report 2010-2011




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